Laser into OLED TV Real Opponent

      Laser into OLED TV Real Opponent

      TV competition increasingly fierce, the original OLED TV was high hopes, but after several years of development, OLED TV price is still not down to earth, and with the development of quantum dot technology as well as the declining price of LCD TV, OLED TV can be said that the development speed of a straight lift up, then later faced the competition will be more and more. Now laser pointer TV appeared, the opponent can not be underestimated.

      Compared to OLED TV, laser TV in color and life is not much difference, and there is a clear advantage in size. OLED is a natural lighting technology, there is no backlight restrictions, products can be done more thin. In addition there are a lot of advantages, such as the development of the LCD panel for many years to improve the wide range of visual technology, OLED panel will support a wide range of natural perspective. In terms of color OLED panel also has a natural advantage, so OLED panel has been given great expectations. But the cost of the OLED panel is very high, although there has been $55 of 1500 inches OLED TV, but overall, the price of OLED TV is still high.

      In the high price of this feature, OLED TV and burning laser pointer TV is very similar. Laser TV is actually the projector, the projector with reflective ultra short focus technology, at a distance of 0.4 meters to 100 inch projection screen, with anti screen use, the effect is very good. Even the night light conditions, the brightness of the screen can also meet the general household. Of course, during the day, the brightness of the laser TV is still not compared with the OLED tv. Laser TV price is relatively high, want to buy TV and anti laser screen, a set of basic down to $4000.

      At present, OLED TV prices fell a little faster, at least has reached twenty thousand yuan, but note that reached twenty thousand yuan OLED TV size is only 55 inches, and this size compared to the LCD TV does not take advantage of what. Currently 55 inch LCD TVs may only need $500 to be able to buy. So the basis of the introduction of the user will buy LCD TV, and the pursuit of the user how to choose not to say. From both the price point of view, it is likely that the future price gap between the two will not be great. After all, the price category OLED TV also don't want to go into the LCD TV to set off a price war, OLED TV may or high-end market positioning; and happen to be the high power laser pointer TV is positioned in the high-end market.

      From the upstream industry, OLED panel production cost is more high, because the OLED panel industry needs more funds, production more complex; laser TV is composed of light source and basic machine, currently has a light source part of enterprises to realize the independent research and development, the future is likely to cut prices, while the core of the display chip while still by foreign control, but with the growth of the market, the upstream chip enterprises will not remain high. It is expected that the price of laser TV is faster than the OLED TV, which has a relationship with the characteristics of the technology.

      From the essence of the product, the OLED TV and laser TV color are good, and the service life is no problem. The material life of the OLED panel can be supported for five or six years, and the laser light source can meet the requirements of tens of thousands of hours to meet the general household use. OLED TV has the advantage of strong anti light ability, daytime viewing effect is not too big problem; while the advantage of laser TV is large size, the evening can easily achieve more than 100 inches large screen.

      So the user's needs are different, the views of the two devices are different, like a big picture of a friend, you will tend to choose a green laser pointer TV; and more traditional users may choose OLED tv. As for the OLED eye and the advantages of good color, but also have the same resolution of laser TV, both can achieve the effect of 4K, and OLED TV and laser TV are available with intelligent systems, we can only say that the two are different characteristics of the product, if you really want more than a compete is very difficult. OLED TV and laser TV is the target population have some overlap, the future must have a market to fight. At present, the two are rarely used to compare, this is because the development of the track is not coincident with each other, two years later, it is likely that the OLED TV and laser TV will come to a head-on confrontation.

      At present, many brands have entered the laser TV, LCD TV brands such as Hisense and Changhong traditional, and also have the new Internet companies such as nuts and so on, as well as traditional TV brands have launched a laser projector. Many brands to join, will make the concept of 3w green laser TV for more consumers to understand. At present, the popularity of OLED TV is still greater than the laser tv. For this new product of laser TV, a lot of consumer awareness is not very clear. From the perspective of the development of large screen display products, the future of OLED TV competition is indeed a lot of LCD TV, traditional TV, laser also has such new products, two competitors each have their own advantages: traditional LCD TV prices low, to meet the entry of the user, and the laser can meet the large TV screen, the needs of high-end users, so OLED TV is facing the pressure of competition is not small.

      With the reduction of the cost of OLED, its application in the small screen but there is no great potential; whether it is a mobile phone or laptop or display, it can be said that the OLED panel are really competitive, not for the laser TV market, while the LCD panel technical advantages in the market is not so strong in OLED. OLED light, energy saving and good color advantages, will help its small size panel market has a good prospect. It is a large screen market, if you want to do 80 inch or 100 inch OLED panel, the price is too high, no method and green astronomy laser TV competition; while in the traditional 55 inch OLED TV market, really want to kill and LCD TV prices? To know the price of the LCD panel but after many years to reduce to now the degree of. Recently, Apple's next generation mobile phone fancy OLED panel news continues to burst, which also shows that the future of OLED panel from the side of small size.