Laser Chiller Installation Precautions

      Laser Chiller Installation Precautions

      Laser chiller products with cooling effect, the low cost of cooling the characteristics of the installation of the use of 10mw laser pointer chiller before the first requirements of the relevant staff familiar with the equipment performance, understanding the use of common sense, care equipment, serious operation. The following is the chiller manufacturer of laser chiller introduction.

      Installation Precautions

      for the protection of circulating water pump, no water running!
      to ensure that the chiller into the wind, the air passage is smooth, do not put foreign matter into the equipment inside!
      When an abnormality occurs, stop the machine operation, turn off the power, feedback to the professionals, and remember that it can not be used.
      open the package, check the machine is intact, the annex is complete. The installer 5mw laser pointer must have relevant expertise
      to confirm that the equipment is properly grounded, although the average operating current of the chiller is not large, but its instantaneous operating current is sometimes up to 6 ~ 10 amps
      Unscrew the machine water inlet and add cooling water. Can only use neutral pure water, do not allow water containing granular solid.
      When the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, and the ambient humidity is large, the circulating water pipe and the surface of the cooling device will produce condensate.

      Characteristics and function of laser chiller

      the refrigeration system are used international brand components, control accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃ ~ ± 0.5 ℃;
      the circulating water system using industrial plastic rust pump, stainless steel water tank, PVC connection material, no rust worries;
      compact design, installation, easy to operate;
      with a flow protection 30mw laser pointer device, can output signals to external devices;
      the thermostat using independent research and development production of electronic thermostat, a variety of settings and fault prompt function, just a key operation (open key), the other by the memory function automatically.

      The working principle of the laser chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the stainless steel tank of the chiller and cool the water through the cooling system of the chiller (the refrigeration compressor draws the low pressure and low temperature refrigerant gas in the evaporator into the cylinder, So that it becomes a gas with a high pressure and a temperature, enters the condenser, and the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling medium cooling air, transfers heat to the laser chiller, and the refrigerant gas condenses into the high-pressure liquid )

      And then by the chiller water pressure will be low-temperature cooling of the water to be cooled to the cooling of the 300mw laser pointer equipment, this time through the chiller frozen water will take away the heat in the laser machine after the temperature rise and then back to the tank and then Chiller cooling cooling cycle, to achieve the role of cooling.